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Drawing Within


by Wendy Wong 

WHy Drawing Within YOu...

Sessions are one-to-one and/or group workshops using art and other supporting modalities to express yourself and draw insights from your creation in a safe space. This form of self-expression and self-discovery provides a gentle yet empowering way to find clarity beyond words that will carry you through the various phases that we may face in our lives.

Our drawing carries the unspoken language of our subconscious mind. 

Drawing Within You takes you through a journey via art, relieving you from the pressure of finding the right words to describe everything you feel, see or hear. You set your subconscious mind free to flow and contemplate, just like a dancer who stops anticipating the next beat of the music and dancing as one with the melody. 

As you stop worrying about how good you draw, you begin to allow your inner drawing that was meant to come forth. 

Drawing within you is all about allowing the subconscious mind to express. 

By taking a journey inward through art, you set your subconscious mind free to surface thoughts, feelings, connections and resources you may not have realised that were within you. You might just surprise yourself by the possibilities that will be unlocked as a result of this process.

I believe the understanding which comes from self-awareness and self-discovery will allow you to see yourself and the potential around you in a brand new light.

What I Do


From past participants

"Wendy is good at conducting the art class combining the use of essential oils. The smell of the essential oils not only help participants feel relaxed but it also help to bring out the inner child inside us as we draw or doodle with our free spirits!" - Judy, 40s


"An opportunity to allow ourselves to focus, rework and discover" - Lilian, late 30s


"Getting in touch with that part of yourself that you may have disconnected with" - Hans, late 20s

"I realised that self-expression through art is not about being a talented artist. Wendy helped me to see that it is about expressing myself and finding a feeling of flow, so that the subconscious knowledge that I didn't know I had, would come to surface". - Joseph C, 30s


"Wendy's gentle encouragement made me realise that self-discovery is about allowing my unconscious mind to control the pencil and my conscious mind to take a break from trying to be perfect." - Juanita, 30s

"Wendy's session opens up a creative process for me to explore the hidden meanings behind my experiences. I came for the workshop without any expectations and was very curious about what might show up.


I tend to censor and filter myself. As marketers, the problem we have is that we may try too hard to come up with a clever pitch, content or copywriting that contain many of our personal blindspots.

During the session, I learnt about some of my unknown filters and biases. When contemplating the art I created, my intensity of strokes and the cold colours I love to use came to signify detachment, objectivity and dissociation related to holding back from fully immersing myself in rich and warm expression. From this, I recognised my fears of fully participating in life.


I am progressively embracing and being compassionate with myself. Somehow, this gradually influences how I write and communicate not just as a marketer, but also as a human being." - Alfred, 30s

"Give yourself a chance and explore, I really enjoyed my session and I am sure you will too."

"The state of mind can shift (from stress to hopeful) as we start drawing, as in the case of drawing out in a stressful situation..."

"Drawing is a great way to know myself better."

photos of past workshops

about me

It is in the early 2000s, that I picked up my paint and brushes again. Through drawing, it helped me in expressing myself better. Hence Drawing Within You was birth, using art as a media to run workshops to help others rediscover themselves. 

My artworks have been exhibited in various parts of the world. Formerly trained in graphic design, I paint intuitively and my works are mainly abstracts, using acrylic on canvas. I am also currently experimenting with digital art as I am running out of storage space to keep my canvases at home...


My dream is to have my own solo exhibition one day.


I am a member of:

  1. Women’s Artist Association Singapore,

  2. International Professional Art Association, VIPAA, New York USA &

  3. Fantapia International Art Group (FIAG) - South Korea

"I enjoy the beauty and lightness of being able to express how I feel on a piece of paper, which no words can describe. It has given me peace and serenity during my journey. Having a series of pictures also allows me to look back, reflect and explore the meaning of each image in my own time" - me

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Artworksby Wendy

Artworks by wendy

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National Day Mandela 2022

National Day MandAla Series year 2022

Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


-  My Earliest Artwork curated by Ms Gloria Keh on the 9 Aug 2020

-  2nd Online International Art Exhibition by Nirantar Art Group - India, from 5 Sept to 30 Sep 2020

-  An International Virtual Art Exhibition for Love of Art from 21 to 24 Sep 2020, conceived and curated by Lalhming Mawii and inaugurated by the Minister of State - Robert Romawia Royte, Mizoram - India

-  1st International Virtual Art Exhibition organised by Zobra Art Village, Bangladesh, on 16 Oct to 10 Nov 2020. She was also one of the selected artist interviewed by the organisers for the event


-  Extraordinaire World Records – Record Title: 1st Attempt by 1,001 Artists, by Radart, on 10 to 16 Nov 2020


-  We ART – Online Exhibition by The 3rd International Contemporary Art Festival BashkortArtstan – Cultural Exchange and International Friendship Project from Russia


-  FilArts in Cooperation with Espacio Manila – Peace and Unity thru Art – International Online Art Exhibition from 1 to 15 Dec 2020


-  Bangiya Kala Kendra Online Art Exhibition – 16 Dec 2020


-  Padam Chand Memorial Global Online Painting Competition 2020 by Happy School on 3 Jan 2021 to 2 Feb 2021


-  Art & Cross Cultural Exchange Society (ACCES) 20x20 in the Cage of Lockdowns Exhibition in France in March 2021


-  Artquake-6 by Art Nigde International at Nigde Art Gallery in Cappadocia of Turkey on 3 Apr 2021.


-  Intuition - Bangiya Kala Kendra Online Art Exhibition – 6 June 2021


-  Two Countries for Peace Virtual Art Exhibition between Korea and Singapore - Aug 2021


-  Peace Again - 7th Geoje International Art Festival in Korea held at Haegeumgang Theme Museum on 1 Sep 2021 to 25 Nov 2021


-  Collaborations with Artists between countries  - 21 Sept 2021 (collaborated with an artist from Serbia)


-  Fantapia M - Beyond the Borders - 2nd International Art Exhibition in Korea - held 1 Oct 2021 to 31 Jan 2022


-  LEON International Group - Virtual Magic Art - 29 Oct 2021


-  Art Singapore Exhibition - Another World is Possible Forever of Peace

- 5 Dec 2021 to 5 Jan 2022

-  The Poetry of your Art exhibition in Portugal; organised by film maker, artist and poet Paulo Duarte Felipe, - collaboration with fellow Singaporean Artist Ms Gloria Keh in Mar 2022


-  International Women’s Day - Women in Freedom Virtual Art Exhibition from Peru in Mar 2022


-  Art Quake -9, Art Nigde International - “Love’s Journey” 21 May 2022 to 10 June 2022 in Turkey


-  ACCES - RENNES: Let There be Light - Art call-LOVE-boration in Jan 2022 in Cairo with Passion Art Gallery


-  ACCES - RENNES: 20x20 LET THERE BE LIGHT this coming May 2022 in France


-  Peace Again - Korea - Singapore International Art Festival in Korea on 20 May 2022


-  Korea 3rd International Art Exhibition 2022 - Beyond the Borders; Aesthetics of Faces at Fantapia M, Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum on 30 Sept to 1 Oct 2022


-  I Paint - Online 26th International Exhibition by Art for Cause from 22 to 24 Sept 2022


-  International Collaborations Exhibition at Fantapia M, Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum, Korea on 20 Sept to 10 Oct 2022

-  Let’s Deux it Twogether at the Carrousel De LOUVRE in France in 21 to 23 Oct 2022


-  1st Virtual World Biennial of Visual Arts by Leonart International Group, Ecuador; 14 Oct 2022


-  Artisti Di ArteBo International Contemporary Art in Bologna Italy; 15 to 28 Oct 2022


-  Postcards for Peace exhibition in Dubai by Museum of Americas, on 26 to 30 Oct 2022


-  3rd International of Sun Boats Exhibition for Fine Arts on the Nile, in Egypt on 15 Nov 2022


-  “No Boundaries” - The New York Exhibition and Art Forum by Vision Art Media; 20 Dec 2022 to 10 Jan 2023


-  Vision Art Media - “Come Closer with Your Eyes” exhibition at Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Yukyung Art Museum Korea; 1 to 25 Jan 2023


-  Vision Art Media - “No Boundaries” group Art Show in New York 10 Feb to 20 Feb 2023


-  Voice of Art I By BeONe Gallery at Ion Art Gallery, Ion Orchard - Singapore; 3 Mar to 8 Mar 2023


-  Art Quake -11, Art Nigde International - “Protect your Planet and Peace” 6 May 2023 in Turkey


-  Vision Art Media - “Friends of Michael Lam” exhibition at Yukyung Art Museum Korea; 1 to 6 June 2023

-  “Dance, Lion CIty” Singapore Women Artists Association National Day Art Exhibition at Chui Huay Lin Club Singapore; 5 Aug to 9 Aug 2023



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