Drawing Within


by Wendy Wong 

What I Do

Have you ever experienced that moment of self-discovery? Where you saw yourself in relation to the people around you? Or perhaps you saw your role in a situation that you never noticed before? It may have been a moment where suddenly the world made sense.

We sometimes find ourselves in periods of uncertainty or struggle. We may lack the clarity of thought to understand how and why we got here in the first place. The knowledge is within us but at that point in time, it just seems beyond our grasp. So where do we go from here? 

Drawing Within You is a one-to-one coaching and/or group workshop experience using art and other supporting modalities to discover and understand your deeper self. This form of self-expression and self-discovery provides a gentle yet powerful way to find clarity beyond words that will carry you through the uncertainties that we all face in our lives.

By taking a journey inward through art, you set your subconscious mind free to surface thoughts, feelings, connections and resources you have not realised were within you. You might just surprise yourself by the possibilities that will be unlocked as a result of this process.

I believe the understanding which comes from self-awareness and self-discovery will allow you to see yourself and the potential around you in a brand new light.


"Wendy is good at conducting the art class combining the use of essential oils. The smell of the essential oils not only help participants feel relaxed but it also help to bring out the inner child inside us as we draw or doodle with our free spirits!" - Judy, 40s


"An opportunity to allow ourselves to focus, rework and discover" - Lilian, late 30s


"Getting in touch with that part of yourself that you may have disconnected with" - Hans, late 20s

"I realised that self-expression through art is not about being a talented artist. Wendy helped me to see that it is about expressing myself and finding a feeling of flow, so that the subconscious knowledge that I didn't know I had, would come to surface". - Joseph C, 30s


"Wendy's gentle encouragement made me realise that self-discovery is about allowing my unconscious mind to control the pencil and my conscious mind to take a break from trying to be perfect." - Juanita, 30s

"Wendy's session opens up a creative process for me to explore the hidden meanings behind my experiences. I came for the workshop without any expectations and was very curious about what might show up.


I tend to censor and filter myself. As marketers, the problem we have is that we may try too hard to come up with a clever pitch, content or copywriting that contain many of our personal blindspots.

During the session, I learnt about some of my unknown filters and biases. When contemplating the art I created, my intensity of strokes and the cold colours I love to use came to signify detachment, objectivity and dissociation related to holding back from fully immersing myself in rich and warm expression. From this, I recognised my fears of fully participating in life.


I am progressively embracing and being compassionate with myself. Somehow, this gradually influences how I write and communicate not just as a marketer, but also as a human being." - Alfred, 30s


about me

Although trained as a graphic designer, I made the decision to pursue work in other industries for many years. After a difficult period in 2010, I undertook a coaching journey which made me realised I never lost my love for art.

I enjoy the beauty and lightness of being able to express how I felt on a piece of paper, which no words could describe. It had given me peace and serenity during my journey of healing. Having a series of pictures also allowed me to look back, reflect and explore the meaning of each image in my own time.

I now share my love for art through self-expression and self-discovery workshops and coaching.




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